QuintusVisuals Cascade

A cascade plot shows the make up of a result in a one phase shift. This is presented as a histogram that shows the starting and final situations with ascending or descending steps in between. The cascade plot is normally
used to understand how an initial value is influenced by a series of interim positive or negative values. In this, the starting and final values are represented by full
columns while the values in between are shown as floating columns. The columns are colour coded to distinguish between positive and negative values. A cascade
plot can be used for analytical purposes and in particular for understanding or explaining the gradual transition of the quantitative value of an entity that is subject to increase or decrease.

It can, for example, be used to visualise the profit/loss account that is produced by the total incomes from different sources in a later decrement of all costs.

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From QuintusVisuals 1.1 Cascade Delta functionality is available as shown in the video below.