QuintusVisuals for TIBCO Spotfire®

Do you use TIBCO Spotfire® as an analysis tool? Do you make management decisions based on TIBCO Spotfire® analyses? Then TIBCO Spotfire® is probably a very important instrument for you.

In response to requests from TIBCO Spotfire® users, Quintus has developed a number of extra visualisations that are simple to install as TIBCO Spotfire® add-ins. These include: the radar plot, also known as spider plot, the waterfall plot, also known as cascade chart and also a speeddial and traffic light; the latter are in response to considerable demand from customers who want to use TIBCO Spotfire® as a dashboard. These extra visualisations are part of the QuintusVisuals for TIBCO Spotfire®. The QuintusVisuals all have the same look and feel as the regular TIBCO Spotfire® visualisations.

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